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Maximillion, Subliime

Deep Dip EP

Tim Etzel, Jampikd

Minimal, Deeptech, Techhouse, House



Miro Pajic






22. April 2022

06. May 2022




01 Maximillion, Subliime - Deep Dip (Original Mix)

02 Maximillion, Subliime - Deep Dip (Tim Etzel Remix)

03 Maximillion, Subliime - Funky Music (Original Mix)

04 Maximillion, Subliime - Funky Music (Jampikid Remix)


05 Maximillion - Iowa (Original Mix)


First blossoms are sprouting and we are ready for the next release. The artist combo at this one unites the tight freshness of Luxembourg’s trending Lauter Records co-head Maximillion and the dirty groovin impact of Amsterdam based Spanish guy Subliime. The „Deep Dip EP“ is heavily ‚en route’ of Minimal House, as three originals plus two remixes coming from Tim Etzel (Ewax, Pleasure Zone) and Jampikid (Whoyostro) are doing a fantastic job.


First dip is a „Deep Dip“ and tastes bittersweet with flow vibes and crisp grooves, right perfect for the incoming spring-like sunbeams on properly tempered dance floors. Mannheim based Tim Etzel turns it into a mighty epic piece by pouring out the silky strings in his remix. Enriched with a 90s flavour, it works like magic by enforcing a huge smile on everyones face.


Second track „Funky Music“ even exceeds the name’s meaning, as it’s a modern funk-styled tune with an insane dirtbass that shakes the bump and blows away everything around. No more words needed, full points! Jampikid touches it up in his remix with a pleasant pad which hugs the tight rhythm shacks. Contemporary club music on high standards, so we keep on dancing for the last (but not least) tune „Iowa“. This solo production by Maximillion completes the EP and closes the 5-track-party with a subtle driving vibe and futuristically vocoded vocals. And where’s the after party now?