[AUM034] 4 years as usual music compilation











Various Artists

4 Years As Usual Music Compilation

Minimal, Deephouse, Deeotech, Techhouse, House, Techno, Acid



Miro Pajic



05. February 2021






01 Flo Pirke - Wheezy (Enzo Leep ‚Same Root‘ Mix)

02 Gabriel Ferreira - The Source (Original Mix)

03 Casimir von Oettingen - Brepps

04 Martelli - Access To Joy (Luca Doobie Remix)

05 August Artier - Acte Physique

06 GruuvElement’s - Baloun

07 Bee Lincoln - Atoms 

08 Alejandro Fernandez - Bank

09 Ricky Leo - Pendular

10 Matteo Gatti - Cloud 9

11 Edgar Peng - Not My Day

12 Rohrer & Stohler - Trouble It

13 Didier dlb - Tangent

14 Marc Faenger - Nava

15 Miro Pajic - Confessions

16 Poor Pay Rich - That Was The Night

17 Maximillion - No Sleep (Click Click’s Awake Since 95 Remix)

18 Skelesys - Pointer

19 Rohrer & Stohler - Secrets (Someone Else & Bee Lincoln Remix)

20 Bee Lincoln - Like A Panda (Siopis Remix)

21 Karaat - Bene (Johnny D Meta Club Mix)

22 Hassio (COL) - Broadway Street (Pepe Mateos Remix)






It’s time to reflect the first 4 years of AS USUAL MUSIC and sum it up in this compilation. The outcome is a multi-colored collage of tracks between Minimal/Deeptech, groovin’ Techhouse and eclectic Techno tunes, which all together follow the distinctive benchmark of the label and represent different moods of a typical club night as we love it. The selection is a compound of best sellers like the ones from Poor Pay Rich, August Artier or Enzo Leep’s Remix, plus some timeless pieces like Matteo Gatti’s „Cloud 9“ and Johnny D’s Meta Club Mix, as well as the remix by Someone Else in dedication to our brother. For rounding up the compilation and closing this chapter, Bee Lincoln selected some favorites on top, and put it together in a DJ-Mix which will be additionally available on Spotify and iTunes. Enjoy and let’s get ready for a new chapter!