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Jaco (IT)

Sold Out


Deeptech, Techhouse



Miro Pajic





02. Oktober 2020 

16. Oktober 2020 



01 Jaco (IT) – Sold Out (Original Mix)

02 Jaco (IT) – Tek & Scratch (Original Remix)

03 Jaco (IT) – My Son Don’t Sleep (Original Mix)






For the 32nd edition of ‚as usual.music‘ releases we are hitting back with some more Italian quality works from Milano. JACO is the man of the moment and definitely not a stranger anymore in the minimal/deeptech scene, as he pushed his musical fingerprint on a bunch of labels in this genre since 2013. By gaining experiences on imprints like DPE, Innocent, Whoyostro, Tip Tap and many more, he refined his skills for brilliant sound aestethics and is landing now here with a three tracker.


All three tracks are basically injected by a techy underlay touch and evidently dancefloor-orientated. „Sorry out of stock“ luckily can’t happen with our digital releases, but better you grab it before it’s „Sold Out“. That’s the title of the first track and activates the beads of sweat. It scores with bottom-up synth slices, as well as a gentle voice in the breaks. Super catchy, try it out.  For the second tune we go strictly for Deeptech in its best form called „Tek & Scratch“. And as the title says, it contains some skilled scratch interludes till it bumps, or rather until the last break’s vocal says „Enough of this“. Third track is for all no-sleepers, and all the ones who sometimes need a reminder „My Son Don’t Sleep“. So you better stay in the darkness and get ready for these club-ready and dance-stimulating tunes. But don’t forget your mask and say Hello to Jaco.