[AUM020] Rohrer & Stohler - Secrets EP incl. Remixes by Someone Else + Bee Lincoln, Arnold Kleine











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Rohrer & Stohler

Secrets EP

House, Minimal, Techhouse, Deeptech 



Miro Pajic





23. August 2019 

06. Sept. 2019 



01 Rohrer & Stohler – Secrets (Original Mix)
02 Rohrer & Stohler – Secrets (Someone Else & Bee Lincoln Remix)

03 Rohrer & Stohler – Surgeon (Original Mix)
04 Rohrer & Stohler – Kamona (Original Mix)
05 Rohrer & Stohler - Kamona (Arnold Kleine Remix) 




Each 10th release belongs to the Swiss guys Rohrer & Stohler – after AUM010 „Trouble EP“ it comes AUM020 „Secrets EP“. Much stuff was brewing at their lab in between, so we were nearly overloaded by amazing tracks. In the end our descision fell for three convincing tracks which definitely will burn the floors. The package gets completed by two remixes for an extra-topping of groove. On one side, there’s Little Helpers co-founder Someone Else who teams up with Bee Lincoln, and on the other side Arnold Kleine, resident DJ of Tante Pinte Club with his first appearance on the music market. House music all the way!


If our definition of groove needs an example for the storybooks, „Secrets“ would be definitely the win. Quite sexy, it rolls out the funky carpet for an endless dance performance. Sean aka Someone Else collaborated with Bee Lincoln and emphasize with a refined bassline in their remix. On point, it takes the reduced and straighter way to the floor. Both killin’ it.


„Surgeon“ has an enormous intensity by invoking on a subliminal hypnotizing way, but an absolute drive and tension for catching the crowd by subtle percussive grooves. Mind-bending! 


Shakin’ on with „Kamona“, we have the full dose of positivity with an energetic beat bunched in a few minutes of dance music and getting a sense for epic moments. Arnold Kleine takes over in his remix with a sleek and slightly eased version.