[AUM018] Karaat - BAM EP incl. Johnny D Remixes













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Minimal, House, Techhouse, Electronica 



Miro Pajic





21. June 2019


05. July 2019 



01 Karaat – Bene (Original Mix)
02 Karaat – Astrid (Original Mix)
03 Karaat – Marc (Original Mix)
04 Karaat – Bene (Johnny D Meta Club Mix)

05 Karaat – Bene (Johnny D Space Dub Mix) 




It’s about time to pave the way for KARAAT’s own EP on ‚as usual.’! Since the Stuttgart-based groove expert appeared on our mini-compilation ‚Phase One’ two years ago, he released on Pascal FEOS’ LevelNonZero in the meantime and braced the position with his partner Minimalte as an extraordinary DJ duo in the Swabian clubbing scene. For his „BAM EP“ we selected three outstanding tunes. A simple categorizing would be inappropiate, but one thing is sure – groove and rhythm are made for maximum dance aesthetics. On top there’s JOHNNY D as a remixer, and as we like it special and different, he delivers two crystalizing and thrilling interpretations.


The first wavemaker ‚Bene’ is a kinky wanderer with a blissful mood. The original comes along with slanted sounds, clattering percussions and an odd flute, which tunes in to a tender and catchy voice. One for the books!


Second family member ‚Astrid’ gets it going with a clean bassline and creates hereby an exceptional drive. The indulging groove is topped by slobbering voice cuts and widens up with a housy sequence. Both first two orginals are with an humorous taste and definitely functioning on the dance floors. 



‚Marc’ moves on with tight but boosting lower frequencies and has something like a more ravin’ attitude. Modern sounds, glitches and incisivly stabbed vocal cuts givin’ the spice for a perfect ride in endless nights.


JOHNNY D was requested to remix ‚Bene’ and he delivers two versions. As he influenced our musical pathes with his label Oslo Rec. and countless releases around 8Bit, Cecille and so on, we are super happy to have him on board for this EP. He developed and refined his music over the past years into a master of subtle grooves. So he did in his first interpretation „Meta Club Mix“ and takes it on a warm cozy arp, which sneaks in subconsciously into the mind. It evolves as a timeless trip and is a magnificent piece of art made for the club. The „Space Dub Mix“ adopts the theme with a lower tone pitch and layered on breakin’ beats. Another wonderful remix for special moments!