[AUM017] V.A. (Duke, Manuel De Lorenzi, Poor Pay Rich) - Phase Two











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Phase Two

Minimal, Deeptech, Techhouse    



Miro Pajic





17. May  2019

31. May  2019


01 Duke – Baffled Flow (Original Mix)

02 Manuel De Lorenzi – Morning’s Drugs (Original Mix)

03 Poor Pay Rich – Gates To Estates (Original Mix)




Time is wrapping off and we are turning some rounds in the circle, which crosses electronic epi-centric countries like Greece, Italy and Canada. We like these intimate mini compilations of three skilled artists who do that kind of signature sound for ‚as usual.music’. It’s the No. 017 in between of a series in which we continue dancing to the music of Duke, Manuel De Lorenzi and Poor Pay Rich. Phase Two is now.


Duke impressed us with some deeply moving tunes on current faved labels, so we are glad to have him on board here. The „Baffled Flow“ is an extraordinarily shakin’ ride with gently stacked rhythmics and tight sounds. Waiting for the perfect moment to expand the subtle bassline into a super-subtly-topped bass shifter. Exactly what we need!


Italian big boy Manuel De Lorenzi suspects the effect of „Morning’s Drugs“ and infects to join. An ultimate drive of low frequencies, so-called bass, gives us the thrill of never stopping. A fine setup of percussive elements and flourising cuts are spicing it up for a proper tribe in the days after.


Vancouver-based Poor Pay Rich is on his way to become a long runner in the current year. His unique and powerful way of producing tracks is imposing and definitely conceals an outstanding functionality on the floors. „Gates To Estates“ is focused on a reduced amount of elements with the most effective vibe. Attached with a hilarious and mind-sticking synth-cut, our drift around the globe finds an harmonic and agile ending.