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Edgar Peng

Not My Day EP

Techhouse, Minimal



Miro Pajic, Perla





14. December 2018

28. December  2018


01 Edgar Peng – Not My Day (Original Mix)

02 Edgar Peng – Not My Day (FreedomB Remix)

03 Edgar Peng – Folding Function (Original Mix)




Peng peng, it’s us again! For the last shot in 2018, we bundle the creativity and dancefloor empathy from two of Berlin’s most active guys in the underground scene. Edgar Peng is responsible for two splendid originals and FreedomB for a marvelous remix. Since two decades, Robert aka Edgar Peng is a resistant figure in the music markets, whether as a part oft he notorious Turmspringer duo or even as RAS in the earlier years for Sonar Kollektiv. Nowadays he’s deeply involved at Golden Gate Club and pulls the strings for its label too, as well as he has a remarkable effect for Berlin club music as the founder of Tonkind Records or with releases on labels like URSL or Ploetzlich. We are exceptionally happy to have him on board for AUM013.


If he really had a bad day? Doubtful! „Not My Day“ is a wide and warm rave monster coming straight out of Edgar Peng’s analogue machines. Kicking it off with a rollin’ and embracing bassline, the lead synth sneaks in on a low-shelf filter mode and twirls from bizarre through peaky to euphoric moments, always with the organic touch of handmade. Well-selected instruments and profound sounds, which make it suitable for house and techno floors.


FreedomB takes over for the remix. Over the past few years, he was a hardworking uprising producer and became a real groovin’ Techhouse-bomb, who released on labels like Knee Deep In Sound, Roush Label, Toolroom, Great Stuff, Lapsus or Heinz Music. His reinterpretation is less focused on the hook of the original, but finds its own way on creating a huge tension and flows with a driving sub-bass.


Third title of the EP called „Folding Function“ is a creation based on excellent rhythmics. The subtle groove and backgrounds sounds out of the woods induce the wildlife moving on the floor. After a roaring break, the beat redeems cleanly for the pleasure of the audience. Another outstanding piece of ‚as usual.music’.