[AUM003] Taron-Trekka - Flying Carpet EP (incl. Remixes by Dhaze + Rone White)










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Flying Carpet EP

House, Minimal, Techhouse



Miro Pajic





14. July 2017

28. July 2017



01 Taron-Trekka – Flying Carpet (Original Mix)

02 Taron-Trekka – Flying Carpet (Dhaze Remix)

03 Taron-Trekka – Flying Carpet (Rone White Remix)

04 Taron-Trekka – DC Omega (Original Mix) 






Hello summer release, we got something for the heat. Jena-boys TARON-TREKKA are pushing the button for Open Air condition and coming along with their magic carpet. Ok, the „Magic Edition“ is the album collection on their home label FREUDE AM TANZEN and the „FLYING CARPET EP“ the wonderful thing we do here. The love for the beauty of slowness, fiddly sounds and purring elements has underlined the way to become an irresistably outstanding act.


The „Flying Carpet“ takes off on a fundamentally reduced rhythm with a precise deep bass, which generates a compelling groove right from the beginning. An off-key sounding guitar heaves it from time to time on a perceptively hypnotic level, at the latest when tempting sequences appear, that will make the flight on the carpet a delight outdoor experience.


The remix pack is full of groove too, but also shows the diversity of it. On the one hand, there’s Italian-man DHAZE, who has become one of the top insider tips of the electronic music scene worldwide by releasing on labels like Hypergroove (his own), Memoria, Inmotion, Metroline, Little Helpers and many more. He redefines house and minimal by infusing his vibe and the sense for tight basses and subtle rhythms. So the transformation of the guitar into a chord leads to a fully new drive in shape of a brilliant house remix in this case. RONE WHITE from Brussels is the next remixer: stripping down the elements and concentrating mainly on the percussions with a sweeping break... then: Drop! The killer bassline is taking control. Groovin Techhouse at its best!


As a bonus, we decided to release „DC Omega“, because we simply can`t get enough of this acoustic instrumental piece of art. Bass snaps on a broken beat movin’ on this low driven groover to punchy subs. The moments when the distinctive flute gets in, will make you know why this one is so catchy and won’t go quickly out of your mind. Perfect round-up for an unusual and unique release, as usual.