as  is focused on Techhouse and Minimal, with influences of multiform ranges in Techno and House music, such as Deeptech/Deephouse. Deeply groovin’ cutting-edge sounds and crispy tight rhythms are basic to what makes it shakin’ or bangin’ – consequently the demanding nature of our music is fundamentally made for having maximum aesthetics to please the dancefloors. With no fear to break the rules at some point. It’s represented by some of the most interesting artists in the underground music and club scene. We love to connect diverse aspects of creativity for having an intense excitement in projects and concepts. The result is a highly inspiring and perceptive state of quality dance music. Taking the challenge of the ongoing evolution in contemporary music industries and feeling the impulses of tomorrow are implanted genes of our beings.


[AUM016] Miro Pajic - Confessions EP


[AUM015] Aney F. - Perfect Organism


[AUM012] Raized - Spice Accents EP

(incl. Bee Lincoln Remix)

[AUM009] Flo Pirke - Wheezy EP


[AUM006] Matteo Gatti - Cloud 9 EP


[AUM003] Taron Trekka - Flying

Carpet EP

[AUM014] Martelli - Not Fussed EP 


[AUM011] Danilo Schneider - Talkback EP 


[AUM008] Bee Lincoln - Blowin Up EP


[AUM005] V.A. (Karaat, Gabriel Ferreira, Francesco Ballato) - Phase one

[AUM002] Didier dlb - This And That EP


[AUM013 ] Edgar Peng - Not My Day EP

(incl. FreedomB Remix)

[AUM010] Rohrer & Stohler - Trouble EP

(incl. Ben Teufel Remix)

[AUM007] Marc Faenger - Nava EP


[AUM004] Skelesys - Pointer EP


[AUM001] Bee Lincoln - Dip EP


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