Bee Lincoln has several faces in the underground scene and expresses his love for music as a passionate DJ, producer, label owner, event manager or writer. With a scientific approach and an artistic perspective, electronic music has become a mission in his life. While DJing since nearly two decades, he is now based in Berlin and established his own imprint ‚as’ since 2017 with a bunch of forward-thinking artists in Techhouse and Minimal. With releases on labels like Innocent Music, Sagmen, Golden Gate Club Rec., Datagroove Rec., Antura, Hardcutz Rec., Tonkind, Lazerslut, Music, eMBi Music, japanese-based vinyl label Transit Rec., Questo Music or on the ADE sampler of Pure Enjoyment Recording. Easily he breaks the borders between House, Techno and Minimal and created a distinctive and innovative way of melting these. Groove is essential in his tracks as well as in his sets, which he performs regularly in many of Berlin’s underground clubs, festivals and appearances in countries above.


Growing up in the southwest Germany near Switzerland and France, raves in the woods and fields are the roots before his first club in the year 2000. Quickly an exceptional standing as DJ behind the turntables has evolved and made him play nearly each club and venue in the electronic music scene in this area. As resident of the infamous Exodus Parkhaus, he warmed up for lots of heavy weights like Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebling, Marco Carola and many more. 


Another chapter began with the move to Berlin in 2009. Always operating in the underground scene, he co-organized diverse event series in the following years. After the weekly thursday slot called „Foreplay“ in +4Bar at the legendary Tresor Club, he came through „Hummmpday“ (Arena Club, Wilde Renate) to the birth of „as usual.“ in 2013, which is his own music label up to now. Since 2017, the „as“ concentrates on releasing a deeply groovin’ cutting-edge sound in various facets, delivered by some fabulous artists of the labels surrounding, as well as several other renowned acts with a contemporary sense for underground club music. Influenced by multiform ranges in Techno and House music, the label unites his long-standing experiences of clubbing, performing and diggin’ music for years, as well as his far-reaching networks.


After earlier releases/remixes on labels like Neverending Rec. and Heatflow Rec., 2015 had been an intense studio year and boosted up the studio skills. Besides doing remixes for the Swiss vinyl-only label Questo?! Music, he started new collaborations with producers like Miro Pajic and Jacob Phono on friends’ labels like Tonkind Rec., Klangwild Rec., Schallbox Rec., Compute Music or Zoned-Recordings. On Transit Records Kyoto he was signed for the „Transition EP“ together with his japanese friend Ryoma Sasaki, which was released on vinyl in 2016. Subtly developing a unique style of sound, he landed on labels like Datagroove, Antura Rec., Innocent Music, eMBi Music, Pure Enjoyment Rec. and Golden Gate Club Rec., where he performs reguarly. Moreover he played gigs at festivals like Fusion or Wilde Möhre, as well as in clubs in London, Moscow, Vienna, Zürich, Ljubljana or Stockholm, and in countries like Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Morocco.




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