Aaron Thier aka the AantiGen (NTGN) was born in south of Germany 1985 and lived his early years at the bottom of the black forest. During his youth and early twenties NTGN started producing mainly hiphop and singer-songwriter music and had quite a few shows in germany and also over seas.


After moving to Berlin in 2008 NTGN´s passion for Techno and Housemusic got bigger and bigger and soon he had his 1st release on Klangwild Records. Many more followed. After loads of live shows, DJ gigs and parties along side artists like Monika Kruse, Dritter Raum, Butch and many more NTGN decidet to start his own Label. Now he is taking care of the the small underground label zoned-recordings and released several EP´s and a vinyl.


NTGNs style is not easy to describe but we can say it is a mix between deep and experimental elements, deep basslines and spheric synths.




Zoned-Rec. / Acht

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