about us

as usual. is a Berlin-based imprint for electronic music, which has basically began as a weekly event series in 2013. The first three years we’ve built up a cosy and familiar atmosphere for sliding smoothly every thursday into the weekend at Crack Bellmer with artists we love. The artistical progress of some acts in our close environment did bring the need for caring in booking and artist management as well.


Since 2017, the fresh music label concentrates on releasing a deeply groovin’ cutting-edge sound in various facets, delivered by some fabulous artists of the labels surrounding, as well as several other renowned acts with a contemporary sense for underground and club music.

recent release

[AUM012 ] Raized - Spice Accents EP (incl. Bee Lincoln Remix)

next event

Saturday 22.09.

as usual. saturday with Not Usual + Bee Lincoln at Crack Bellmer 


Thursday 11.10.

5 years as usual. at Crack Bellmer


Thursday 08.11.

as usual. with Matteo Gatti at Crack Bellmer